Our Promise to You: Honesty & Quality

We promise to deliver the highest quality products and always be transparent with you.

It may sound simple, but in today‘s world trusting your product suppliers has never been more important. We promise to be honest and always straighforward with our customers. We deliver products that we would want to take ourselves, or give to our mothers, fathers, and children.

Our core values include:

All of our products are created to the highest standard. Integrity in our manufacturing is always guaranteed with Amnyo products.

We provide information about our product composition and makeup. This is delivered via product labels and open communication with our vendors.

We treat our clients how we‘d like to be treated — with the utmost respect. We guarantee efficent delivery and satifaction with our products. We provide the highest quality service through the dedicated effort of every Amnyo team member.

Safe and Compliant
Amnyo follows all required FDA regulations for biologic products. Amnyo is a minimally manipulated amniotic fluid product intended for homologous use, and meets all requirements as a section 361 true biologic product. Amnyo complies with all FDA safety requirements for fluid donors including extensive screening and donor blood testing for all the FDA required pathogens.

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