Amniotic Fluid for Regenerative Medicine
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Amniotic fluid may help treat orthopedic problems.

Pain Management

Explore how your patients may improve their lifestyle with Amnyo.

Arthritis & Others Issues

Amniotic fluid may benefit your patients experiencing arthritis pain.


AmnyoFluid is a true and natural amniotic fluid product acquired through FDA approved and ethical fluid donations.


AmnyoFactor is an acellular amniotic fluid product that has been filtered and had all cellular content removed. It is an undiluted full-strength amniotic fluid product.

Backed by Doctors

Our doctors work closely with us in our development, recommendation, and research.

Dr. Thomas Moshiri MD
Dr. Thomas Moshiri MD
Pain Management Specialist & Anesthesiologist
Phoenix, Arizona

“I have been using AmnyoFluid and AmnyoFactor for my patients over the past 6 months and have seen some great results, achieving significant patient satisfaction. Thank you for such an amazing product!”

Keith Bangart, DPM
Keith Bangart, DPM
Peoria Foot and Ankle Specialists
Peoria, Arizona

“I have used Amnyo on my patients with very good results. The ease and effectiveness of using this product makes it far superior to PRP. The patient no longer has to have the pain of a blood draw on top of a procedure, which they always appreciate. The decreased pain after a Amnyo injection is a huge benefit. I would recommend Amnyo without hesitation.”



Nature's Intended Recipe for Regeneration

Amniotic fluid has a phenomenal world-wide reputation as being the perfect regenerative medicine product. It has a wide range of growth factors, cytokines, beneficial proteins, cells, and nutrients. It is nature's own recipe for tissue growth and regeneration.

Our Mission

With the opioid crisis growing, physicians and patients are looking for affordable alternatives to traditional medications and procedures. Amnyo has answered the call by making regenerative medicine products accessible for the average patient. We are a dedicated partner in the quest to expand regenerative medicine in the medical field.

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