The Use of Amniotic-Fluid Concentrate in Orthopedic Conditions

Research Article — Journal of Cell Science & Therapy
by Mandell Shimberg, MD, MRCS, LRCP, Wadsworth, Kansas

1. In sixty-eight cases in which amniotic-fluid concentrate has been employed in the treatment of various pathological conditions of joints, the use of the fluid concentrate has not been attended by a single unfavorable reaction.

2. Its action is probably both biological and mechanical.

3. It speeds up a defense-repair mechanism within the joints.

4. The results obtained have been impressive in intra-articular fractures, and encouraging in selected cases of atrophic arthritis, as well as in persistent joint effusions.

5. It successfully prevents the formation of new adhesions after closed manipulation of joints.

6. It is a valuable prophylactic after arthrotomy of any type.

7. It’s used both in soft tissues and in other serous cavities is suggested.

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